Philosophy Department

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Philosophy papers involve the critical examination of the key concepts, presuppositions and implications that are in play across the entire range of human inquiry. Philosophy is the critical and systematic study of the fundamental assumptions, and reasons for those assumptions, at play in the entire range of human activity. Our papers are completed to make the explorations into the nature of human knowledge, moral and scientific reasoning, religion, art and language.

Our writers specialize in all imaginable areas of philosophy and will be able to create any paper on the following topics:

Rhetoric and Reasoning

Papers study arguments used in everyday life using examples from newspapers, magazines, advertisements, etc., and emphasizing arguments in ordinary language (no symbolic logic) and learning to detect and avoid the bad reasoning of others. Topics include informal fallacies, difference between inductive and deductive reasoning, the role of logic in philosophy, and oral argumentation.


Papers explore philosophical and practical approach to the art of persuasion. Our essays aim to enhance the skills of detecting and effectively presenting sound arguments in a wide range of situations. Topics include understanding audience expectations and assumptions, simplifying, and giving tone to written arguments and oral presentations. Additionally you have a great opportunity to look at to find term paper examples on different Philosophy topics.

Theory of Knowledge

Papers on theory of knowledge study the introduction to the philosophical method of reasoning, notions of argument and validity, nature of explanation, ideas of meaning and understanding, specific skeptical arguments (e.g., relation between mind and body, the existence of minds other than one's own, existence of God).


Research papers investigate moral philosophy and current theories of value, focusing on questions such as: What is the good? What ought one to do? Are all values relative? Is everything permitted? What is the importance of reason in making moral judgments? Is there knowledge of moral claims? And many more.

History of Modern Philosophy

Essays examine major modern western philosophers: selections from Descartes, Leibniz, Spinoza, Locke, Berkeley, Hume, Kant, Wittgenstein, Ayer, Austin, Ryle, and others. Topics include the 17th Century-the formative era of modern philosophy; the 18th Century-the age of psychology; the 19th Century-characterized by enormous religious, political and economical change; the 20th Century-the philosophers interested in philosophical and linguistical analysis.

Philosophy and Literature: The Old Testament

Papers investigate a cultural and philosophical approach to understanding and shaping the "world" using Old Testament stories in various literary forms. The conflict between "official line" and "story line" reveals the constant struggle between the presuppositions, beliefs, attitudes and desires of the writers and the stories themselves and many more topics raised in OT.

Philosophy and Literature: The New Testament

Essays and papers on New Testament investigate the relationship between the New and Old Testaments by a taking a close look at the texts, which make up the New Testament canon. Literary forms and philosophical ideas are discussed.

Philosophy in Literature: Existentialism

A discussion of philosophic problems appearing in philosophical literature; a study of a number of philosophical novels, plays, and poems from the Western tradition, exploring the philosophical concerns of literary artists who have expressed their ideas in works of art.

Philosophy and Film

Papers are very interesting and explore films for the study of philosophical issues. An exploration of the ways in which the medium of cinematic film can both reveal and conceal 'reality', and challenge or reinforce our assumptions about human identity, perception, aesthetics, politics, and gender.

Contemporary Social Issues

Term papers study current controversial social issues: abortion; euthanasia; paternalism; sexual morality; rights of prisoners, women, men, children, animals; civil disobedience; morality of war; topics currently debated in Parliament, legislatures, and the media; principles of morality, social and political philosophy.

Social and Political Philosophy

Papers mostly investigate the following questions: What is the state? Is an individual obligated to obey the state? What are the limits to this obligation? What rights should the state guarantee? What is the ideal compromise between individual self-interest and one's obligation to the state? What is the proper relationship between public law and private morality?

Ancient Philosophy

Custom essays examine such major figures as the pre-Socratics, Socrates, Plato and Aristotle and their contribution to the founding of western philosophy. Questions covered include: What are the ultimate constituents of reality? How is the universe to be explained? What can one know? How should one live? and What is the best form of government?

Understanding Scientific Reasoning

This is one of the major topics that our papers of philosophy cover, they closely examine scientific literacy. Critical thinking skills developed include identifying types of arguments, understanding and evaluating reports of scientific findings, and discovering patterns of reasoning that are common to most sciences.

Philosophical Thought

Essays is another topic that needs to be covered in this department, our paper discuss metaphysics, epistemology, ethics and politics.

Philosophy of Mind

Papers are written by our writers as well, the papers of philosophy of mind make an examination of contemporary theories in philosophical psychology and their historical roots. Questions explored in the essays may include: "how are mind and body related?"; "are humans merely material entities?"; how does psychological theory relate to ordinary-language explanation of behavior?"

Political Philosophy

Papers examine central concepts, principles and arguments governing political life. Topics include: the basis of political obligation; the proper limits to state power; the legitimate scope of individual liberty; justifications for civil disobedience; the nature of social justice; appropriate relations between states.

Modern Western Philosophy

Papers represent a historical survey of philosophy between 1600 and 1800, the papers on western philosophy focus on the intellectual world of the early modern period: Descartes, Spinoza, Locke, Hume, and Kant are among those we will discuss. Their thought in philosophy, science, and religion is studied.

Philosophy of Art

Essays pose the question "What is art?" and explore some of the main theories of art, traditional and contemporary, which attempt to answer that question. Our papers discuss such issues as: the relation between art morality, and politics; whether art can yield knowledge or tell the truth; and how to understand the meaning of works of art. Examples are drawn from several different arts.

Basic Problems of Philosophy

Essays investigate classical philosophical problems concerning human nature and knowledge, freedom and morality, and reason and justice.