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The Computer Information Science works have two major emphases: Information Science and Information Systems. Both emphases have strengths in applications analysis, design. Our research papers go into network management and system administration; and web applications development. The Information Systems emphasis term papers provide additional strength in business administration, accounting, and economics to develop knowledge of applications of information technology to the business environment.

Our articles and reports investigate the fundamental concepts supporting such applications - concepts related to computers executing programs that operate on data.

Computer Science papers provide a framework for understanding current applications as well as applications of the future.

Technology and Information Policy research papers explore how and why policymakers make decisions that affect technology and technology users. A theme of these articles is the interaction between the process of technology evolution and the policymaking process - when does one process override the other, and what are the cultural trade-offs when one process does override the other? Another theme is the cultural process by which policymakers accumulate knowledge from different disciplines that they use to make decisions - how do they know when they know enough? The department will complete any paper on technology you name, below are just some topics we deal with on the daily basis:

Below we will describe some of the topics that are completed by Technology Department of :

Computers and Their Applications

Our papers will cover the organization and function of computer systems; application of computers in today's society; social impact of computers. Introduction to algorithms, various types of application packages, and the Internet is also discussed in the reports prepared by .

Computer Organization

Research explains and investigates computer organization ranging from large mainframes to minicomputers and microprocessors, with emphasis on processor, memory, and input/output systems. Includes microprogramming, virtual memory, peripheral device characteristics, and concurrent and distributed systems.

Operating Systems

These papers offer an overview of operating system characteristics, design objectives, and structures. Topics include concurrent processes, coordination of asynchronous events, file systems, resource sharing, memory management, security, scheduling and deadlock problems.

Information Management and Analysis

Reports cover in depth the essentials of word-processing, spreadsheets, and information management.

Computer Networks

Essays investigate the transmission of data and information between computer systems. Topics include simple data communications, protocols, error control, local-area networks, wide-area networks such as the Internet packet-switching networks, and various networking models. Various data communication hardware and software are also examined.

Data Structures

Topics include: stacks, queues, linear lists, linked lists, arrays, trees, strings, multi-linked lists, hashing, searching and sorting, recursion, and analysis of algorithms that use these structures.

Web Applications Development

A thorough study of client-server applications designed around the World Wide Web. Security of data during transmission and storage is also emphasized is the essays prepard by .

Systems Analysis

The fundamental concepts of systems analysis are studied in relation to the development of computerized information systems. Topics of researches include the role of the analyst, traditional systems and object-oriented systems development, client/server architecture, data modeling, activity modeling, feasibility, database deign and impact of e-commerce on information systems. We will be able to complete an independent systems analysis project.

System Implementation

Reports focus on information system architecture and development as a means of defining and solving the information requirements of a modern event-driven organization. Paper includes realistic examples to reinforce the learning experience and management lessons.

Computer Information Science Application

Project will develop a comprehensive application. Possible projects include software development, CAI program development, systems analysis consultation with area businesses or development of a computer hardware/software training program.

Solution Development

Projects and term papers have three main components: (i) the computer technologies, skills, capabilities and development required to provide information effectively to an enterprise whether it is business, community, society, or government (ii) the effective deployment and use of information technology by people and enterprises and (iii) managing the implementation of a solution in terms of its impact on the enterprise and change. A selection of current technologies such as data warehousing, mobile computing, video streaming etc is assessed. Solutions are examined in terms of whether they have the reach and range needed, Project organisation methods such as project alliancing and other emerging approaches may also be investigated.