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[...] Unless you have been trekking through the Himalayas for the past couple years, you have undoubtedly heard the term e-Commerce. It has revolutionized the way the world does business. Never before has there been a way for a business to sell so easily to such a large market. Simply put, e-Commerce brings new meaning to global sales and marketing. A good e-Commerce site can lead to an increase of revenue for your business; it is becoming more and more essential for survival in today's new economy.
In order for any business to be a successful one, the top-management needs to develop a thorough and clear business plan. First of all, as the essence of an on-line retail company suggests, an effective network of suppliers and brokers should be established. This is the key to success of any company involved in retail. A properly structured network of suppliers and further retailers would allow avoiding idle time, or if interpreted in a more tangible way, loss of expected revenue. Once a supply/delivery network is established and its efficiency is confirmed, an advertising campaign should be launched. [...]

[...] Business ethics is ample concept that addresses many sides of a company's operations. The ethics is the way company positions itself in regards to its field of operation both internally when setting the policies and regulations within a company, and externally when conducting operations with business partners. One of the most influential and important aspects of a company's ethics is its influence on employee dedication and commitment to their work [...]

[...] The concept of customer is used in a wide sense to describe anyone who deals with a bank in relation to a banking service. Those with accounts are customers, but so too are borrowers and those using the bank for financial advice, fund management and securities dealings. Customers can be other banks and market counterparties, commercial customers, and private customers.
The conventional view is that 'customer' has a technical meaning, which leads to lengthy discussions of who is or is not a bank's customer. In fact the only reason that English courts have thought that question to be legally relevant is that of the protection given in the Bills of Exchange Act 1882, and subsequently in section 4 of the Cheques Act 1957, when banks collect cheques to which a 'customer' has a defective title. Customer is undefined in the legislation, and it has been necessary to decide whether the rogues and others who bank such cheques fall within the ambit of the term. If not, the banks are exposed to actions in conversion by the true owners of the cheques. Ultimately the courts have decided that anyone who opens an account, rogue or angel, is a customer for the purposes of statutory protection. [...]

[...] Modern business realities entail that a global information-technology business must have a reliable and fast communication means. For the data- rich businesses the ability to network between the different parts of the company is crucial for successful project completion. In the era of global interconnectivity, a company cannot afford to loose money due to the poor coordination between the departments. The Company's project seeks to develop both local and inter-department networking to guarantee the smooth file stream between the design bureaus and sales offices. [...]

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