Communication and Media Essay Samples

[...] Conflict has been raging in the Middle East for the past 5,000 years and even in these so-called enlightened times nothing much has changed except that the weapons are so much more deadly. Apart from the various Arab states fighting and arguing among themselves, their common enemy is the State of Israel, however most people do not seem to know the reason for this apart from the obvious and totally irrational religious hatred between people of different faiths. [...]

[...] People interact through the process of verbal and non-verbal communication. Though simple at first glance the process of communication is in fact a complicated multidimensional concept. When people exchange data in any of its forms, they try to deliver a message to the recipient in exact accordance with their vision and understanding of the idea communicated. However, thinking patterns are different in each individual and facts do not speak for themselves, being highly dependant of the frame of reference, therefore education is the basis for a person's ability to be able to recognize the meanings in a given statement of facts. [...]

[...] Due to the geographical peculiarities of the United Kingdom, as well as well-developed transportation infrastructure, the country has numerous national newspapers, unlike America, where most newspapers are published locally. British newspapers are generally divided into three groups. These are: mass market tabloids, middle-market tabloids and broadsheets. Unlike the United States and other Western countries, Britain does not have a daily all-sport newspaper.
While the sales of newspapers are declining for several years in a row, millions of British citizens are still devoted newspaper readers. Almost 11 million national and regional newspapers are bought daily, with over 8 million on Sundays. The number of newspapers in circulation is even greater, if to account the newspapers distributed free of charge. Taking into consideration the pressing competition from TV, radio and the Internet, British newspapers are performing rather well. [...]

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