Computer Technologies Essay Samples

[...] The computer industry has grown into a multibillion dollar sector in t he last decade. While just a while ago personal computer was something that could not be thought of, today it is reality and most families in the United States possess one. This paper will take a look at the two companies: Apple Computer, the company that has brought a computer into a home and Dell Computers, which made the process of purchasing a personal computer easy and fast.
Dell operates in 34 countries, employing over 35,000 people, with annual sales of over $30 billion. Dell's operations are divided into three regions: the Americas, Asia-Pacific and Europe-Middle East-Africa. The company's headquarters are located in Round Rock, Texas. Each of the company's regional branches has its own assembly and supply networks. [...]

[...] As disk drive capacities soared, some people began to wonder if having all of that formatted space in one big chunk was such a great idea. This line of thinking was driven by several issues, some philosophical, some technical. On the philosophical side, above a certain size, it seemed that the additional space provided by a larger drive created more clutter. On the technical side, some file systems were never designed to support anything above a certain capacity. Or the file systems could support larger drives with a greater capacity, but the overhead imposed by the file system to track files became excessive.
The solution to this problem was to divide disks into partitions. Each partition can be accessed as if it was a separate disk. This is done through the addition of a partition table. Partitioning the hard disk is the act of dividing it into pieces. This is one of the first things done when setting up a new hard disk, because partitions are one of the major disk structures that define how the disk is laid out. In fact, a hard disk must be partitioned, even if only "partitioning" it into a single volume, before the disk is formatted and used. The choice of how the disk is partitioned is important because partition size has an important impact on both performance and on how efficiently the disk's space is utilized. Even the matter of "efficiency" has several different facets, depending on one's priorities. [...]

[...] Within the past several years abuse of intellectual property rights has grown to be a major problem from the legal perspective. Millions of files, including music, video and software, are illegally downloaded and shared. As the result of this entertainment industry is loosing millions of dollars each year. The main share of illegal copying and distribution is made through the so-called peer-to-peer software, which allows sharing files of different formats, with the most popular format MP3. Peer-to-peer is a communications model in which each party has the same capabilities, and either party can initiate a communication session. This sharing software allows users to search and download music, video and software files. Easy sharing was the backbone to the idea to prohibit the use of MP3 format. Therefore, in order to find a solution to this problem, the issue of illegal sharing of files should be resolved first. [...]

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