Culture and Art Essay Samples

[...] Van Gogh's early period includes all his work from 1879 through 1885. Between August 1879 and November 1885, he worked in Etten, The Hague where he received some instruction from his cousin, Anton Mauve and in Nuenen, among other places. In 1886, Vincent Van Gogh left his home in Holland and traveled to Paris. There he found a world and way of living that was like nowhere else. Paris was filled with theaters, dance halls, cafés, large boulevards for strolling, and parks filled with people at leisure. The city was alive day and night. In Paris, Van Gogh met other young artists - Georges Seurat, Paul Gauguin and Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec - and, for the first time, he saw the paintings of the Impressionist artists.
The word 'impressionism' for most people conjures up images of rolling French countryside, water lilies, and scenes of Parisian bourgeois society at the turn of the 19th century. The style is usually regarded as the beginning of modern art in Europe. However, the impact of impressionism was not limited to Europe. Leading artists in both Japan and Taiwan were heavily influenced by impressionism. This link between the art of Asia and that of Europe makes the choice of Taipei as the location for an unprecedented display of 60 French impressionist paintings early this year all the more poignant. [...]

[...] Culture is the fundament of any society. It is the culture and heritage that distinguishes people from other living species on the planet. Each individual is different in his values, moral perception and ethical standards. Even though people share the same biological structure their views and culture vary greatly. Cultural differences have often been the cause for wars and conflicts between representatives of different society structures. The idea of cultural peace has long been preached by outstanding spokesmen of all times, yet the realization of the peace is far from being achieved. One would agree that the only way our society can begin the process of cultural peace is by having culturally separate identities in any given group of the population since having culturally separate identities grants complete individual freedoms therefore securing rights, freedoms and excluding conflicts from society. [...]

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