Environmental Issues Essay Samples

[...] The technological progress of the humanity has always been closely tied to man's ability to produce metals. As the result of mining and processing, large quantities of heavy metals were emitted into the biosphere. Ever since the beginning of rapid industrialization in late 19th early 20th century, contamination of the biosphere with heavy metals has increased dramatically. Ions of metals such as mercury, cadmium, chromium, lead, nickel and uranium have polluted air, water and soil.
From the druids of the Celtic forests to the great tribes of American Indians, people have sought balance, peace and wisdom by living according to the laws of Mother Nature. Unfortunately, this century will be remembered for unprecedented exploitation of nature and rapidly spreading environmental degradation. At the present time, human culture has the potential to inflict permanent damage on the environment and on its life sustaining systems and resources. Already, critical stress suffered by our environment is obvious in the air, water, and soil, our climate, and plant and animal species. Should this deterioration be allowed to continue, we can expect to change the living world to the extent that it will be unable to sustain life, as we know it. To halt such degradation and to restore a healthy environment capable of supporting future generations, nothing less than a change in direction is required. Humans must reverse their practice of consuming more resources than our planet can restore for future generations. This reversal towards sustainable development will demand changes in almost all aspects of human decision-making and behavior. It will require changes in economic systems, legal systems, education systems and more. But most of all, it will require changes in every person as well, from business people to consumers, from politicians to voters.1 Lets take, for example, Christmas, which is celebrated by millions of people around the world, and see what each person or family can do to keep the balance of nature, and to preserve the health of the planet during one day of the year. [...]

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