Geography Essay Samples

[...] Brazil is the largest and most populous country in South America. It went through long-lasting struggle for the ability to govern independently and to develop its industry and agriculture. Thanks to its diverse and rich natural resources and numerical manpower, Brazil in 1970 at last became one of the leading countries on the continent. Though a lot changed from now on, and Brazil continuous to grow and develop rapidly, the large-scale inequality in the income distribution remains to be its keen weakness.
As already mentioned above Brazil is situated in South America, particularly in its Eastern part, and is bordering with the Atlantic Ocean. It occupies 8,511,965 sq km total, of which 8,456,510 sq is land, and 55,455 sq km is water. Compared to the Unite States it is slightly smaller, as US occupies the area of 9,629,091 sq km. It has boards with Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, French Guiana, Guyana, Paraguay, Peru, Suriname, Uruguay, and Venezuela. The population of Brazil is approximately 176,029,560, as far as the government last conducted a census in August 1996. This figure was calculated from the previous one (157,079,573) with the help of the infant rate, mortality rate, and other indicators of he population growth. [...]

[...] Uzbekistan is one of the countries of the former Soviet Union which is now considered a third world country. The country has gained its independence in 1991 and before that it has a long history of conquests and acquisitions. The country has almost no history of independent existence. Now Uzbeks are trying to build their independent state. They are facing many obstacles: the industry is not well-developed, the economy is stagnating, and the government is far from the democracy. The country is developing rather slowly, even though it has different necessary resources for its well-being. But the present state of the nation is not surprising taking into account the previous history of the country. [...]

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