Government Essay Samples

[...] Clearly, most population displacements are caused by infringements of the rights of the citizens of a given country. It has been generally acknowledged that violation of human rights and denunciation of primary liberties on which international law is based, are the major preconditions for refugee flows. A military conflict takes away vital rights to safety and peace, and often causes the most dreadful human rights violations. Racial discrimination breaches the principles of equal opportunity, justice and propriety, which negatively influence protection of political, public and economic rights. Poverty averts the so-called Right to Development, which incorporates the right to education and civil initiatives that are vital for individual growth of a person. A lack of good governance points toward a denial of civil and human rights in general, as it is the grounds for denying the right to participate in the governing process. [...]

[...] Constitution describes the fundamental procedures by which the government operates. An early chief justice of the United States Supreme Court, John Marshall, said that "A constitution is framed for ages to come," suggesting that no matter what the historical changes, trials, and upheavals the constitution will remain the law of the land. It will provide for the orderly and peaceful transfer of power from one set of officeholders to the next. [...]

[...] It seems that women have finally got equality with men in many spheres of life. At least in most democratic countries, women occupy the same positions and get the same salaries as men do. Surprisingly enough, women still earn less then men. Even in Canada, one of the most democratic countries with equal rights guaranteed to everyone, women earn only about 84% of men's earnings. In my opinion, economic inequality between genders is one of the most important issues for any democratic society. Understanding and solution of the problem have great social and political importance for every country. That is the reason why I would like to research where the difference between men's and women's incomes is coming from. [...]

[...] Free and fair elections are the basis for establishment a government that will guide the country according to the will of the people, who elected it. Since all societies vary in their customs and traditions their approach to establishing government system also varies greatly. Though New Zealand and Australia are neighboring countries that share much in common, they serve as excellent example of the different approach to public governance. New Zealand has adopted a system, which exercises mixed proportional representation in the parliament. In the meantime Australian neighbors are using the Tasmanian Hare Clark model. Both systems have their own advantages and disadvantages in various fields; however, Hare Clark model of proportional representation seem to be more effective for Australia. To understand the advantages and disadvantages of each political system it is necessary to take a closer look at the principles according to which the system operates. [...]

[...] The purpose of the HRA was to introduce the principles contained in the European Convention on Human Rights into the UK law. The Convention was approved by the Council of Europe in 1950 with the aim to provided protection to individuals from infringement of their rights by states (ECHR). Some of the rights the Convention protects, such as freedom from torture, are becoming less applicable in a modern environment, but other freedoms, which might now be considered essential, were not contemplated at the time the Convention was drawn up. [...]

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