History Essay Samples

[...] Before 1990s road protests in the UK did not get a lot of attention of the public and attracted just a few activists. Yet, in the beginning of 1990's environmental campaigns in the UK started to borrow Greenpeace-style methods to disrupt road-building projects, which were threatening certain country areas, particularly of outstanding natural beauty or historical importance. Anti-road activists developed new techniques, including building tree-houses in trees which were due to be felled, as well as digging tunnels on road construction sites and barricading themselves in. The most famous of these eco-warriors was called "Swampy". In January 1997 he blocked himself in a tunnel for a week under the site of a road extension project. These anti-road actions won a lot of publicity and support for the environmental cause. [...]

[...] North America had never been an "empty" land, and at the time of European settlement was inhabited by Indians with well-built societies. The Europeans and the culture that they brought came into conflict with those of the Native Americans in a short while after the English landed at Chesapeake. The newcomers pushed the locals westward step-by-step. Moreover, the goals of the Europeans, such as colonization, land exploitation and religious conversions, endangered the culture and way of life of Native Americans. According to researchers, both Native American tribes and English settlers were in the process of building their nations, and the collision was inevitable. [...]

[...] It was early prehistoric people that started to paint their bodies. But once they discovered that mineral paint is harmful for skin, they started mixing them with animal fats to decrease the harmful influence. Among ancient archeological discoveries scientists found remains of paint that was a mixture of animal fat and paint substance. In its components the discovery was close to what in the modern world is considered a lipstick. The earliest cosmetics known to archaeologists are traced back to Egypt in the fourth millennium BC, as evidence shows the remains of artifacts were most likely used for eye makeup and for the application of scented unguents. By the start of the Christian era, cosmetics were in wide use in the Roman Empire. Kohl was used to darken the eyelashes and eyebrows and to outline the eyelids. Rouge was used to redden the cheeks, and various white powders were employed to simulate or heighten fairness of complexion. Bath oils were widely used, and various abrasives were employed as dentifrices. The perfumes then in use were based on floral and herbal scents held by natural resins as fixatives. [...]

[...] Zakinthos, which is also known as Zante and called by Venetians as Fleur di Levante - the flower of the east, is one of the islands belonging to modern Greece which name resembles a magical sound of the ancient. Little is known of the island's history on the early stages of the modern civilization. However, archeologists claim that the presence of the first inhabitants on the islands can be traced back to Neolithic Times. The first mention of Zakinthos is given to us through Homer. Iliad and Odyssey tell us the story of the Zakynthos, who was the son of the King Dardanos of Troy, who along with his men came to the island in 1500-1600 B.C. [...]

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