Internet Essay Samples

[...] The development of the Internet has given a great boost to the spread of informational technologies into every sphere of everyday life. The number of Internet users is increasing at very fast rate; new discoveries are made to integrate internet technologies into daily routine. Some of the examples that befriend internet technologies and stereotypical house wife are found in general purpose household appliances such as refrigerators, experimental washing machines, and remote controls for home networks. However, as with any new finding the principle of two-sided coin also applies to the internet technologies. The positive sides of the Internet such increased business operations effectiveness, lower communication costs, and global information exchange are marred by the presence of downsides that appear as a result of Internet capabilities that are used to abuse ethical principles. The direct example of abuse of Internet technologies in the form of peer-to-peer clients has raised a number of ethical concerns both in online community and in real world publicity. [...]

[...] Napster is one of the most talked about peer-to-peer clients. The first and most sensitive issue with peer-to-peer clients such as Napster is the violation of the copyright laws. The level of modern technology puts Internet on top pedestal as the most cost effective solution as compared to other sources of media. Peer-to-peer client programs in their very basic form can be described as millions of Internet users who are interconnected with each other through a search server to receive the desired information. The ethical concern that comes into play in this instance is the lack of control over computer technologies allowing quick and effective exchange for virtually every media format without the ability to secure the copyright laws. According to BBC News the threat of Napster is taken seriously on the national level: "The Recording Industry Association of America believes Napster is breaking copyright laws and is suing the service. The case is due back in court this month after a short adjournment." (BBC News) The violation of the copyright laws is ethical problem that is taken to the extreme dimensions when weighed on the large scale such as the World Wide Web. Uncontrolled file exchange operations through peer-to-peer clients endanger the profits of entertainment companies reflecting heavily on their sales of audio records, and movies. Most of the entertainment content can be easily found in the Internet peer-to-peer environment. David Philips, chief executive of music website icrunch believes that the underlying threat of file sharing software lies in the formation of consumer attitudes: "The danger is that Napster is training a whole group of consumers to enjoy music without paying for it." (BBC News) [...]

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