Philosophy Essay Samples

[...] Ancient Greeks have given the world profound philosophical works. Many schools of philosophical thought have been established and have made their way into modern science. One of the concepts that have caught the attention of Greek scholars was the approach towards studying the nature. Based on the approach towards the learning two alternative ways of thought were developed: rationalism and empiricism. Both have received their followers and are viewed as important notions in modern science. [...]

[...] David Hume was a prominent Scottish philosopher of eighteenth century. He was a representative of a philosophical movement know as empiricism. One of his well known works that is widely discussed by philosophy scholars is the "Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion". The idea of Hume's work is not to question the existence of God, but rather to question the presence of empirical evidence that will allow people to draw conclusions about God's nature. The work is presented in the form of dialogue among three people each with different opinion.
Below is condensed summary of the part two of the "Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion" with the summary of main ideas introduced by main characters. Demea - is a true believer that one cannot come to understanding of God's nature through reason. He rests his beliefs on the idea that the God's nature is beyond mortal comprehension.
Demea - "The question is not concerning the BEING, but the NATURE of GOD. This, I affirm, from the infirmities of human understanding, to be altogether incomprehensible and unknown to us. The essence of that supreme Mind, his attributes, the manner of his existence, the very nature of his duration; these, and every particular, which regards so divine a Being, are mysterious to men. Finite, weak, and blind creatures, we ought to humble ourselves in his august presence; and, conscious of our frailties, adore in silence his infinite perfections, which eye hath not seen, ear hath not heard, neither hath it entered into the heart of man to conceive. They are covered in a deep cloud from human curiosity." [...]

[...] Contemporary philosophers have grown increasingly skeptical toward both morality and moral theory. The skepticism concerning morality stems from arguments that moral considerations are not always the most important considerations and that it is not always better to be morally better. The skepticism concerning moral theory stems from arguments that moral theory is a radically misguided enterprise, one that does not illuminate moral practice and fulfills no useful functions. [...]

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