Social Essay Samples

[...] Freedom, equality and morality were deeply examined in Jean Jacques Rousseau's book The Social contract. He opens the book with his famous phrase: " man is born free, but he is everywhere in chains," and prolong the following pages he compares a physical freedom that human receives from nature and liberty that is achieved through neglecting some personal desires towards living in a lawful and equal society. Civil freedom gives us a possibility to think rationally. We hold our impulses to behave morally. According to Rousseau the term "morality" gets sense only in borders of society. [...]

[...] The nature of a community is very complex one with all of the participating elements having effect on each other. Though the concept of an ideal community is subjective in its character, the common views are shared by many people. An ideal community is the one that is built on the basis of equality and freedom of choice. The equality among the members of a community is one of the key ingredients to a successful relationship among its members. However, the equality should not come through means of coercion as seen from history lessons in the example of the communist regime; it should rather come as a natural way of communication among people and be the fundament of an ideal community. Freedom of choice is another essential component of a perfect community; to be able to make a choice and to have the right for self-fulfillment is vital for any individual within a community. Coupled with ideal equality settings, freedom of choice would allow community members to harmonically coexist in the collective environment. An ideal community is also characterized by prevalence of moral values over material ones, thus eliminating chances for corruption and crime. In ideal community there is no place for prejudice or hate among its members. [...]

[...] Direct observation of behavior is one of the cornerstone tools for the assessment of behavioral, social, and emotional problems exhibited by children. Whether the observation involves formal behavioral recording in naturalistic settings, or whether it is done informally as part of other measurement strategies, behavioral observation provides the clinician with one of the most direct and objective assessment tools available. Direct behavioral observation is a procedure in which observers develop operational definitions of the targeted behaviors of interest, observe the subjects, and systematically record their behaviors. Behavioral observation is one of the strongest methods of assessment, and has the advantage of being easily linked to the development of interventions. [...]

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